A few links to some of my favourite sites, not necessarily
great designs not necessarily relevant to anyone else
but places i return to time and time again and you have
to share the love!


Football365 The best footy site on the net. ChelseaFC The home of the footballing soap opera that is life at Stamford Bridge these days.
Evan Dando Some time chief Lemonhead and 'Outdoor Type' Evan Dando's homepage.   Designers Republic Brummie design collective and creators of never bettered T-shirts and record sleeves for Pop Will Eat Itself all those years ago....
Kevin Smith Font of all knowledge relating to the viewaskewniverse and anything else Kevin Smith and his chums may find interesting.   Vile Evils What became of Pop Will Eat Itself? Well... they became Vile & Evil.
Reading Festival The home of drunken bank holiday weekend fun, top tunes and bad hats for longer than I care to remember.   XFM The nation's only decent radio station and home of quality new music.
Not Very Athletic We are rubbish, but we have a laugh, my five a side team the aptly named Not Very Athletic.   Demographik My good friend Paul's new media company coming straight outta WC1.